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Carved Cuban Monkey (from a Coconut!)

June 21st, 2009


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Sprouting Plant

June 20th, 2009

sprouting-plantOver this past week I purchased some plants for my room, which unsurprisingly have become the subject for some photographs. I got a big collection of Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) and split them into a number of pots.  I was inspired after seeing a TED Talk of fresh air and hopefully the plants will make hospitable roommates.

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New York City for the Weekend

June 12th, 2009

I will be in New York until early next week and so there will not be any posts for the weekend. Sorry to the few loyal fans and I’ll be back soon!

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Gathering Storm Over Washington Monument

June 11th, 2009


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Mural Close-up

June 10th, 2009


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Pool Cue

June 9th, 2009


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Gibbon Perch

June 8th, 2009


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