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August 2009 – Photographs in Review

August 31st, 2009

Les Invalides foot-closeup police-helicopter Guitarist-MPs-Ecuador wall-and-sky-ecuador bread-at-market waterfall foggy-tree Blood Orange dirty-bird bumblebee bald-eagle seed-on-chair hume-gravesite sir-boivin Millennium-Clock-Edinburgh serious-barbeque Cherry-Blossom-Festival drop-in-the-glass basil

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Away for the Weekend

August 28th, 2009

I will be in Los Angeles, California until Monday so there will not be any new photos until Tuesday. Apologies for the lack of photos.

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Sunset for the Pint Glass

August 27th, 2009

pint-glassIf there is one place that doesn’t like meddling, it’s the local pub, and in Great Britain the growing number of glass related pub injuries has led the government to investigate changing the beloved pint glass into a controversial plastic pint.  According to recent statistics, over 5,000 pub-goers a year get glass related injuries from bar altercations, a figure that government officials believe can be lowered with a newly designed pint glass or simply changing the material.  Design Bridge, the firm working on a plastic alternative, must tread carefully over this touchy subject due to the sense of tradition that surrounds the classic pint glass.

The British Beer and Pub Association is in quite a tiff over the proposal and one member argues that the experience of a glass container is unparalleled because it “feels better, it has a nice weight and the drink coats the glass nicely.”  For others, it’s simply a question of safety.  The BBC reports on the touchy subject,

The Home Office Minister, Alan Campbell, said the redesign could make a significant difference to the number of revellers who are injured.  He said: “Innovative design has played an important role in driving down overall crime, including theft, fraud and burglary.  “This project will see those same skills applied to the dangerous and costly issue of alcohol-related crime and I am confident that it will lead to similar successes.”

BBC: “Pubs warn over plastic pints plan”

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Les Invalides – Paris

August 26th, 2009

Les Invalides

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Foot Close-up

August 25th, 2009


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DC Police Helicopter

August 24th, 2009


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Guitarist and MPs – Ecuador

August 23rd, 2009


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