March 2011 – Photographs in Review

March 31st, 2011

A sliced orange lies face-up on a pile of uncut fruit. A close-up of a bright blue flower The black and white face of a protester is spray painted on a wall. The stone walls of an Incan fort against a cloudy sky. An Ecuadorian woman in traditional colorful dress walks down the street. A large window looking out on a beautiful lush garden and mountains in the distance. A man and woman dance the tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina The roof of a country home behind a few stalks of tall grains. An unwrapped bar of chocolate as seen from above A young squirrel reaches for some tree buds. The panoramic view of the basement apartment under renovation with tool and equipment strewn across the floor. As seen from loft bedroom. Event in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Room on Capitol Hill. A row of people sitting down at an event on Capitol Hill. Two smiling Sunlight employees welcome folks to the ACT event on Capitol Hill. Daniel Schuman sits at an ACT event and prepares remarks. Staff reporter for the Washington Post appears on a panel discussion on the Hill. Paul Miller smiles as he joins a panel discussion on the Hill. Tom Susman gestures as he speaks on a Hill panel. A woman stands to address the crowd with a CSPAN camera in the background.

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