June 2011 – Photographs in Review

June 30th, 2011

Some graffiti in San Francisco. A view up the facade of a San Francisco facade at the clouds, sun and sky above. A lone seagull stands on a former pier pillar on the Embarcadero of San Francisco, California. The side view of a green F Market street trolly in San Francisco, California. Looking up at the rotunda in the city legislature and civic hall building in San Francisco. The cast skull of a saber-tooth cat seen on the Embarcadero in San Francisco with the Oakland Bay Bridge in the background. A view up the side of the iconic Transamerica Pyramid Building at 600 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, CA. Spray paint, tags and stickers litter a bathroom wall in the Misson district of San Francisco. A glass of Unibroue, a Canadian Belgian-style beer. A grilled medium rare steak being sliced open on a wooden cutting board. A handmade piece of pottery contains the phrases for a past game of charades. A wooden counter covered in usual taco fixings such as salsa, cheese, tomato, ground beer, grilled chicken, guacamole and lettuce. A close up picture of Pepper, the small and expressive pug. Another close up picture of Pepper, the small and expressive pug, looking down at a paper cup. A pug sticks her face into a paper cup to get out some ice. Pepper the Pug discovers how to pick up the paper cup with her teeth. Pepper the pug looks over at the camera with tired eyes. Pepper the cute pug passes out between someone's legs, arms in the arm and head lying back. Pepper the adorable pug looks to the horizon with a determined stare. A sad white and reddish brown mutt lies forlorn on a porch. A panoramic photograph of a large loft basement apartment in Washington DC. A panoramic photo of the front area of a basement apartment with a large rug and spiral staircase. The finished panorama of the basement apartment in June.

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