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January 2016 – Photographs in Review

January 31st, 2016

An orange, white and black clown fish swims among some neon sea anemones. A colorful poison dart frog sticks to the glass of the tank. A reddish brown Brazilian Raindow Boa snake sits on a rock. A multi colored Discus fish seen in a tank in Amazonia. A panoramic photo taken on a cloudy day with blue skys over the Ohio River looking towards Kentucky from Cincinnati. A big jump in the snow from a young sledder in Washington DC during Winter Storm Jonas, also known as Snowzilla. A woman on a snow tube gets some air after a jump in Washington DC during Winter Storm Jonas, also known as Snowzilla. An adult on a plastic saucer sled reaches for balance going downhill in Washington DC during Winter Storm Jonas, also known as Snowzilla. A young sledder braces for impact while airborne in Washington DC during Winter Storm Jonas, also known as Snowzilla.

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November 2015 – Photographs in Review

November 30th, 2015

An American Red Squirrel looking directly at the camera while shelling a nut on a stone ridge in the Maine forest. The ornate hallways of the lobby in the Chicago City Hall building with purple lights. A white and yellow flower breaks out of a crack in a tree stump. A pink and white Roseate Spoonbill picks its feathers with its large beak.

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October 2015 – Photographs in Review

October 31st, 2015

A green, yellow and red bug crosses a large green leaf. A photograph looking up at a leaf to see the individual veins with a white background. A black and white side profile photograph of an alpaca. A game of dominoes takes place on a wood table. The rocky coast where the Maine forest meets the water. A photograph look up at an American red squirrel sitting on a branch nibbling on a nut.

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September 2015 – Photographs in Review

September 30th, 2015

A group of yellow and black flowers known as Helenium 'Mardi Gras' Sneezeweed in a Maine garden. The East side of the United States Capitol with the sun setting in the lower left corner. A close up photograph of white flowers on an apiaceae plant, likely a wild carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace plant. A green grasshopper sits on a purple flower ready to jump. A blue and purple globe thistle in a garden at sunset.

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August 2015 – Photographs in Review

August 31st, 2015

An old Canon PowerShot A50 being taken apart with the faceplate removed with the computer chip, lens and other internal components visible. A blond golden doodle puppy looks at the camera while being held. A golden doodle puppy goes for a walk on a leash. A crab found off the coast of Rockland, Maine being held above a tank of water. A hex screw in a weather worn, old wood table. A brown, orange and white spider hangs out in the center of his web in Maine. A hand holding a young Eastern Garter Snake in Maine. A black and yellow bee eagerly arrives on a purple flower to begin its pollination duties. A bee on the tip of a purple flower collects pollen in Maine. A calm frog hangs out in a pond in Maine ignoring the photographer and the mosquito on its back. A calm frog sits on the dirt bank of a pond ignoring the photographer inching closer to take a portrait. A Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' plant flowers with purple petals in Maine.

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June 2015 – Photographs in Review

June 30th, 2015

Three alpacas of different color stand together with short hair. An alpaca stands and looks into a camera with a background of a blue sky. An Alpaca grins close to a camera with a blue sky and green farmland behind him. The architectural facade of a brick building in the late afternoon light with shadows being cast across the building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A panoramic photo of the Reading Terminal Market with a busy crowd and neon signs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia. A photograph looking up at the Aero Memorial to WWI aviators that stands across from the Franklin Institute. The gilded bronze sculpture was made by Paul Manship in 1948. Sunlight casts long shadows through columns at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A panoramic photo taken from the steps at the east entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A series of columns break up the image with views of the open plaza and Greek buildings. A photograph looking up at the 'Symbiosis' sculpture by Roxy Paine of a metal tree splintered and collapsed into another tree. An empty, quiet side street with a cobblestone road in a tree-covered neighborhood of Philadelphia. A photo of the White House illuminated with Rainbow Flag colored lights in honor of the Supreme Court decision supporting gay rights and marriage.

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May 2015 – Photographs in Review

May 31st, 2015

A hockey game is played at an indoor stadium. A picture of the "Ashes to Answers" National Fire Dog Monument among cherry blossom leaves in Washington DC. A tree branch begins to blossom during springtime in Washington DC.

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