The Octuplet/Uncut Carte-de-Visite Series

February 12th, 2009

charlie-ctupletStarting today, I’ve decided to put up a number of very informal photographs from an even more informal project.  I’ve casually been taking pictures of my friends in a quick series of eight snaps shots arranged into a single sheet.  The 4×2 arrangement is similar to an uncut Carte-de-visite, an early photographic form.  It also reminds me of photo booths, a favorite and all too rare tradition of mine. These photographic octuplets were taken on my phone with an interesting little Japanese application called the QuadCamera.  Despite how simplistic the images are (and the process is), I enjoy them.

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  1. Dad Says:


    First, the comment section here is in black, and if I didn’t click on it, well, its not obvious. Secondly, I like the interest in people, and their faces. The 8 little pics are interesting. And it shows you are learning from the hx of photography class. I will now look at your other 8’s, with anticipation.


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