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Basketball Jump

March 24th, 2009


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Danny Lounging

March 23rd, 2009


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Isolated Woman in the Crowd

March 22nd, 2009


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Tilt-Shift: Park

March 21st, 2009

tilt-park Here’s a tilt shift version of this photo from the summer.

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Tilt-Shift: Prague

March 20th, 2009

tilt-shift-pragueThis photo is a cropped selection of this larger panorama of the skyline of Prague, Czech Republic.

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Tilt-Shift: Venice

March 19th, 2009


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Playing with Tilt-Shift Focus

March 18th, 2009

tilt-shift-crowdsTilt shift photography usually involves an expensive lens that enables the camera to “tilt” the focus to create a tiny depth of field. It is often creates an artificial perception of miniturization, for example this photo from last year’s Tour de France. I’ve always enjoyed these images, but the resources have always been out of reach.  I’ve been playing around in photoshop and have found I can greatly improve bland images by artifically narrowing the focus.  Going through my archives, I’m hopefully going to dedicate the next week to tilt-shift images.

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