December 2011 – Photographs in Review

December 31st, 2011

Sliced green peppers and cut red peppers sit in a white bowl. A white pot of colorful chopped veggies sits on the lit burner. A dash of tomato paste is added to a colorful pile of chopped veggies in a cooking pot. A serving of ratatouille with cheese sits in a white bowl. A view of many growing grapes at the Afton Mountain Vineyards near Charlottesville, Virginia. A small yellow lab pup is held in someone's hands. A young black lab puppy rests his head on the back of a yellow lab puppy. The spherical sundial designed by Thomas Jefferson seen at his Virginia home of Monticello. A black and white high dynamic range image of an underground passageway at Monticello. Light from small windows on the right project sunlight on the left side of the hallway and the end of the tunnel is flooded in white light. A cropped panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains taken from Humpback Rock. A man and woman face different directions looking out over a panoramic view. A surreal black and white image of a speckled countertop through a light ring. A pile of various multicolored spices sit before the pot is stirred. A focused black and white image of some slices of onion on the rim of a cooking pot. The shining metal surface of the Ray gun gothic rocket ship against a blue sky on Pier 14 in San Francisco. The reddish mixture of spices and tomatos sit on the stovetop to make a spicy Moroccan stew. A colorful Moroccan stew sits in a white and blue soup bowl. A closeup photo of a bright yellow lemon slice with seeds and detailed skin. A collection of colorful cut veggies including red peppers, lemon and zucchini lightly covered in spices. A top down view of Sally preparing various ingredients for the blog, My Daughter's Kitchen. Two pieces of white Halibut fish sit on aluminum foil with colorful lemon wedges, zucchini slices, carrots and red pepper. A filet of Halibut sits on some foil covered in lemon slices, carrots, cucumber and butter. The fully cooked halibut comes out of the oven covered in colorful veggies. The finished halibut meal sits on a white plate surrounded by cooked veggies including lemons, zucchini and carrots.

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