October 2012 – Photographs in Review

October 31st, 2012

A wild field of plants and flowers basked in the Maine sunlight. The coast of Maine seen from a plane near Portland. A lighthouse in Maine near the coast with waves surrounding it seen from an airplane. A gray wolf seen in his enclosure at the American Trail in the National Zoo. A split view of waves above the blue water and underwater where a seal just dove. Crystal the White Gray Wolf Behind a Fence at the National Zoo in Washington DC. A Spectacled Andean Bear looks up from his enclosure at the National Zoo in Washington DC. A glass like lake in the woods of Vermont. Joe runs to catch a chicken in a coop in Vermont. A close-up photo of a chicken's head with bright red feathers, beady eyes and a pink comb. A large pile of hay stacked in bales. A flock of ducks on the ground including black ducks, white ducks and a brown duck. A plump Vermont pig rubs his ear against a stump. A tiny spider enjoys his large complex web in the forest of Vermont. A long time-lapse photo of a water fall in the woods of Vermont. Green tree limbs hang over a lake in Vermont. A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda sits parked in the Vermont Rain. A calf on a farm in Vermont with an ear label looks at the camera. Many pigs crowd the food trough on a farm in Vermont. A pig squeezes in between other pigs trying to get to the food trough at a farm in Vermont.

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