Mountain Goats Close Stare

January 6th, 2013

A mountain goat and kid stare into the camera from a few feet away on a Colorado mountaintop.Taken on October 11th, 2012.

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  1. Daniel Says:

    How wonderful that you’re able to to experience this first hand . I’m thrilled just looking at these images of Gods glory.

  2. Alicia Says:

    I wrote these to try and win some paintings of a goat from craigslist. I did not win. But here are some haikus about goats.

    The billy goat was

    full of vapid wonderment

    ate my grandma’s purse

    The eye of the goat

    will never be a film name

    but it ought to be

    goat’s milk is handy

    for my lactardation


    Goats will climb tall peaks

    Moroccan goats can climb trees

    have you seen them jump?

    I have never seen

    Goats make a vertical jump

    lack of spring tension

    in the world of goats

    even the ladies have beards

    goat androgyny

    Also in goat world

    Ladygoats have little horns

    goat equality

    often i’ve wondered

    can the Jews eat the goat meats?

    Leviticus hooves

    Bighorn’s not a goat

    but nevertheless still my

    favorite goatish thing

    the pupils of goats

    are always dilated

    let the sunshine in

    looking at goat teeth

    i think “man, those look human.”

    omnivores unite

    goat society

    must have some strict rules

    goats do not eat goats


    looking a goat in the face

    is all i can see

    goats can take a poo

    every 2.4 hours

    Google told me that

    in my opinion

    goat roles were too limited

    in the movie “Babe”

    my cousins have pets

    two of them are fainting goats

    don’t actually faint

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  6. Chanah Hall Says:

    I adore this picture! What is the story here- where were you and how’d you get so close to such shy creatures? Or did you just have a very powerful zoom?

  7. Nicko Says:

    Hi Chanah,

    Thanks for the kind words and no I didn’t have a powerful zoom! I was on a hike with a friend on Quandary Peak near Breckenridge, Colorado and farther up the trail we noticed a mountain goat with a kid. We waited behind some rocks and they came right up to us, checked us out and then walked away. For the whole series of photos, check out these two links:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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