September 2013 – Photographs in Review

September 30th, 2013

Will smiles in orange sunglasses on the boat in a Wisconsin lake. A colorful hen seen in its cage at the Union Fair & Maine Wild Blueberry Festival A breakfast of black coffee, blueberry muffins and grapefruit outside on a lake in Maine. A woman holds a small crab found on the Maine shore in her hand. A sheep sits in a hay filled pen after getting its coat cut. A woman with curly blond hair sits in the Maine sunshine. A two masted sailing ship off the coast of Maine with mountains and islands in the distance. A bloody headless mackerel used for bait lies on a stone next to a knife. Me fishing off the breakwater in Maine. A woman casts the bait on her fishing pole into the water from the breakwater in Maine. A man and woman fish on the breakwater in Rockland, Maine. A man with his back to the camera focuses on his fishing line as the yellow sun sets over the water. A 180 degree panorama of a man cutting bait as a woman stands ready to fish off the breakwater in Rockport, Maine at sunset. A black duck with an orange beak flies off the coast of Maine. A small blue shark swims near the water surface off the breakwater in Rockport, Maine.

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