June 2014 – Photographs in Review

June 30th, 2014

A panoramic photo of the inside of an abandoned hydroelectric power plant built by the Virginia Electric Power Company on Belle Isle in Richmond, Virginia. The U.S. Capitol Building on a cloudy day with no people in sight in Washington D.C. A photo from a plane of the National Mall, the Potomac and downtown Washington DC on a bright clear day. A huge bolt of lightning strikes during a heat storm over Adams Morgan in Washington DC. A lightning bolt strikes in the distance during a heat lightning storm in Washington DC. A close up portrait of a burrowing owl taken at the National Zoo in Washington DC. A colorful mantis shrimp peeks out from a rock at the National Zoo in Washington DC. A vibrant underwater scene of coral, polyps and anemones on the last day of the invertebrate house at the National Zoo in Washington DC.

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