August 2015 – Photographs in Review

August 31st, 2015

An old Canon PowerShot A50 being taken apart with the faceplate removed with the computer chip, lens and other internal components visible. A blond golden doodle puppy looks at the camera while being held. A golden doodle puppy goes for a walk on a leash. A crab found off the coast of Rockland, Maine being held above a tank of water. A hex screw in a weather worn, old wood table. A brown, orange and white spider hangs out in the center of his web in Maine. A hand holding a young Eastern Garter Snake in Maine. A black and yellow bee eagerly arrives on a purple flower to begin its pollination duties. A bee on the tip of a purple flower collects pollen in Maine. A calm frog hangs out in a pond in Maine ignoring the photographer and the mosquito on its back. A calm frog sits on the dirt bank of a pond ignoring the photographer inching closer to take a portrait. A Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' plant flowers with purple petals in Maine.

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