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March 1st, 2010

Last Thursday the Sunlight Foundation did a live blog covering the Health Care Summit in the Blair House. It was a very fun and successful event, the next few days will be some photos from that event. Enjoy!

From a New York Times’ story of our event:

There will be a plethora of ways to follow the health care meeting today and talk back live — from cable television and C-Span to live blogs and  social networking sites. But there is a new entry into the media cacophony that hopes to offer something a little different.

The Sunlight Foundation, which advocates transparency and open government, is entering the field with an online venue called Sunlight Live.

Just as the name implies, the site hopes to provide readers with information about the summit and its participants that traditional media might not focus on.

For example, according to the site’s announcement, when a member of Congress speaks, Sunlight Live will show the financial contributions that person has received as well as “their connections to lobbyists and industry, personal finances, and key votes that the leaders have made on health care in the past,” according to a foundation announcement.

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