Carmen – Part II of the Saga of Don José

May 5th, 2010

As a followup to the story of Don José, I’d like to present the much shorter and far less meddlesome tale of Carmen.

After the very successful purchase of Don José at a rummage sale, I was drawn to return to the same sale a year later. Lo and behold, there was a new painting with the same frame as Don José. As I got closer I noticed that it was another portrait by the same artist, Barbara Weber. I immediately decided Don José must have a companion and snatched Carmen up for the same price of $3.

She never ventured beyond my dorm room in college and is now safely home with Don José.

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  1. Cooper Says:

    “Oh my god! My wife!” — Nicko

  2. Britney Says:

    hello-funny you post this picture, because i found this painting at an auction and was wondering if you knew its worth/value?

    i know nothing about this picture, and havent had much luck looking online. thank you for any help you can offer.


  3. Nicko Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I’m afraid my appraisal skills are quite lacking though given my purchase price of $3, I can’t imagine it’s terribly valuable. My version is printed on cardboard and the frame is falling apart so if it’s a real painted version it may be worth something. Regardless of the confounding art valuation system, I wholeheartedly recommend this painting as an addition to your collection.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Linda Says:

    I have a painting by Barbara Weber of a woman in a gold dress. What is the worth of her paintings?

  5. Darlene Says:

    I grew up looking at this painting at my grandmother’s house in Puerto Rico. I’m assuming it was a print on cardboard too, but recently saw it in a local club in Florida. Totally creeped me out! So a friend did the search and found it for me. I always found the woman incredibly beautiful, but never knew it was “Carmen”!

  6. Elsa Says:

    According to other pages, the current value is between $50 and $100. It is likely to go up as word circulates that Barbara has died. I wish I could locate prints of the ballerina series she did, but they were never as popular as the Spanish set.

  7. lisa Says:

    i have this same pAINTING IN MY DEN……it is a large one, mymother of 85 found it,and gave it to me….it looks like an oil painting…but to know the real value…would be something

  8. Maggie Says:

    I also have the print of the woman in the yellow dress. BEAUTIFUL. I am looking for others. A friend has one print much the same but of a Spanish woman in a black dress with a black mantilla on her head.

  9. Steven Says:

    My dad bought a full size print (at least I think it is a print) of Carmen Weber. It is about five foot by four foot. We have had this picture the one above on our wall at home sense I was about 6yrs old. I am now 50 yrs old. I love this picture.

  10. Oscar uribe Says:

    i found the same picture of Carmen in the trash 10 years old and still have it

  11. Imelda Perez Says:

    I have “Carmen” (red dress) in my living room, she is astonishing, I purchased her at a yard sale.

  12. isaira Says:

    My husband found this painting in a thrift shop the other day and he bought it for me. (SO SWEET) he said she looks like me!!!!!!!BUT lately he is been having this creepy dreams with her and he is also scare to sleep in the same room where she is. he also said that she scratch his foot in the middle of the night. he was close to have a heart attack. hi said ISAAAAAAAAAAAA why you scary me like that. REALLY I SAID!!!!!! I was in bed AND sleep…
    I will like to know more about this lady in the painting.

    please I need answers

  13. Nicko Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles! I do not know more about the lady in the painting and will let you know if I find anything out.


  14. deedee Says:

    I have the ballerina painting

  15. Michaela ChoMi Says:

    I own a Carmen and am obsessed with Barbara Weber! I find these go for a little over $300.00. Thoughts?

  16. Nicko Says:

    I found this one for $3, but sounds like I got a good deal!

  17. inetri Says:

    I have both one of Carman ,and one from Gene Sterling the madador . had them both for 55 years my mom got them when my little sister was born .

  18. Alix Says:

    Hello i have this painting of carmen over 35 yrs i would like to know the. Value of this painting

  19. David Lawrence Says:

    I have thus same painting, a neighbor died an her family was throwing it away, the minute I saw it, I feel in love, Carmen is beautiful, I find peace with this painting, I don’t care what it’s worth, I will never sale it. It will always be with me.

  20. Russine Zellner Says:

    I have 3 of Barbara Weber’ s beautiful portraits. The Matador and The Spanish Lady. My beautiful mother bought the first and 2nd one in Pueblo Co. Years later she found the Lady and then the 3rd one, I don’t know where. They are so sentimental I love them and remember as a child hating them, could understand why she bought it. I grew up and I appreciate them so much now. I would never sell them. Thank You so much Mom….

  21. David Says:

    This is in respone to comment #12 above by Isaira: I was tormented of nightmares of this painting as a child. My father had it hanging in the dining room for years and I had recurring dreams of it coming alive and coming after me. It also got to the point that I couldn’t go in the room it was in. One day when I was about 10 I got brave and went in the room and shook my fist at it and it FELL OFF THE WALL!!! After several more years of pleading my parents finally took it down. The nightmares stopped when I was about 19 (I’m 44 now). I just thought of it and googled it and stumbled upon this page. When I read your accounts of similar experiences, I got goosebumps!!!

  22. cherie allen Says:

    I knew barbara modeled for her and miss her! Barbbra! Where art thou?
    Cherie allen

  23. David Lawrence Says:

    I have a Carmen in my room, never have any paranormal experiences. Strange, my neighbor died and I went to pay my respects. This painting of Carmen was on the porch. I fell in love with it. I asked what They where gonna do with it. They said throw it in the garbage. I thought, no way, I asked can I have it, they said yes. Its been in my room now for about 6 years. I love it and don’t know why.

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