Postscript and Acknowledgments

This will be my last post on this blog as I have returned home from my semester in Edinburgh and it wouldn’t make sense for me to continue it as the central blog for my future travels.  I had an incredible time abroad and it wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support of my family, of which I am speechless in my gratitude.  Furthermore, I’d like to thank my many friends (old and new) for making all the fond memories possible.

My next project is a photo and opinions blog entitled, Nicko’s Big Picture.  For more information on this site, just follow the link.

Nicko Margolies

Firenze: Pontes e Duomos

In the morning, while we walked through the square near the Duomo, we heard chanting in the distance. We stuck around and soon got enveloped by a huge protest. It was unclear what they were protesting but there were more smiles than I was expecting. The protesters seemed to enjoy making a bunch of noise and dancing about while the police took the opportunity to stroll around them.