Haggis. Neeps. Tatties.

Finally. I had the notorious haggis. Much to my surprise it looked like ground beef and tasted incredible. There was a spicy after-taste and it was very filling. Deep down I knew that it was a pile of mutton thrown through a JuiceMan and then wrapped in the poor sheep’s stomach, but all in all, it was fantastic. If I ever have the opportunity in the future (which I certainly shall), haggis will be on my plate. As for the “neeps” (turnips) and “tatties” (mashed potatoes), I’m not so sure, they were equally pulverized and didn’t add much to the meal. As for presentation, the Scots definitely go for the straightforward approach. My dinner looked like it had come from the Sloppy-Joe Lady in the cafeteria. Finally, here is a picture to prove I had it.

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