Plans for Spring Break

Today I leave for my extended vacation known here as “Easter Break.” The funny thing about this vacation is that there are no lectures or tutorials or anything when we get back, just our final exams in May. So while the official schedule says break ends on April 11th, we actually have a lot more free time. Some changes will be inevitable, but I’m sure I will return with a dirty bag and a full camera. The main worry at this point is watching the American dollar die against the Euro. As if the exchange rate in the UK wasn’t bad enough.

Here is a rough outline of my plans for the next couple weeks:

March 23rd: Fly from Edinburgh to Lisbon, Portugal.

March 23rd until March 31st: Stay in Lisbon in this rented flat with 6 other people.

March 31st until April 1st: On the way to Rome, stop in Barcelona for one crazy evening and continue on the second leg of the flight the next afternoon.

April 1st until April 4th: Rome, Italy. I’ll be staying with a friend’s family, which I’m sure will be an incredible time.

April 4th: Travel to Florence, Italy. Stay for a few nights.

Approximately April 6th: Continue to Venice, Italy and stay for a few nights.

Approximately April 8th: Take a long train to Budapest, Hungary for another few nights.

Around April 11th: Train to Prague, Czech Republic.

April 14th: Early morning flight back to London and a beautiful 4 hour train ride back to Edinburgh.

Another reason I’m so excited for the final leg of my journey is that the train company allowed me to enter “other” as my title for my ticket. Instead of choosing Mister, I opted for “Supreme Allied Commander.” Much to my delight, this title was accepted and now my ticket should reflect the change. Whenever I visit the website, I am greeted by this sight:

Well, that’s all for now, but hopefully I’ll have time to access my email during the trip. Hope everyone else is having a fun spring break.

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  1. From that map, it looks like you’ll be sleeping on a street corner….Good luck Arno…

  2. That is an absolutely incredible couple weeks. I believe you’re in Barcelona right now. God I wish I could have seen you. Have an amazing time, Supreme Allied Commander.

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